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Announcing ‘When You Found Me’

When You Found MeI wanted a very classic rock sound for this album. I wanted it to sound like stuff I heard on the radio growing up. I didn’t want to make a retro record at all, but I did want to reference some of those sounds and tones and moods. I think we struck a nice balance between nostalgia and something that still sounds like contemporary Lucero. The album was recorded over two weeks in July (we wore masks the entire time) at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, TN with Matt Ross-Spang.

My daughter is four now and I’ve been reading her a lot of fairytales at bedtime. Consciously or not, that seeped into my songwriting process on “When You Found Me”. This album has a lot of me and my personal experiences in it, but the lyrics aren’t as directly first person as they’ve been in the past. I like to think the lyrics on “When You Found Me” have a more storybook quality to them. “Have You Lost Your Way?” with its young heroine, is written to be exactly like a fairytale or fable. Then the second song, “Outrun the Moon”, is a more modern take on the same type of story. “Coffin Nails” is about a banshee, and “The Match” is based on an old Irish folktale. “Back in Ohio” is based on a true story that reads like fantasy. I love drinking whiskey in bars and singing songs about heartbreak and lost loves, but it was nice to incorporate some other interests and themes and elements into these lyrics.

We hope you enjoy.

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