Poet and artist Charly Fasano and Lucero to release EP and multimedia book called Retrospect/ed on September 29, 2014 | Lucero

Poet and artist Charly Fasano and Lucero to release EP and multimedia book called Retrospect/ed on September 29, 2014

Fast Geek Press is proud to announce the release of a 7 inch record and multimedia book called Retrospect/ed by poet and artist Charly Fasano featuring the music of Memphis, Tennessee’s Lucero. Only 500 pressed.

 Produced by Lucero drummer Roy Berry and engineer Chris Scott, Retrospect/ed features Fasano reading the poems “Gasoline Fumes” and “Teddy’s Bowling Alley” accompanied by the music of Lucero. In addition to the recordings, Fasano (a.k.a. “the city mouse”) has created a multimedia experience by creating twenty-two linocut block prints and two short films that illustrate and complement the poems throughout the book. How did he put movies in a book, you ask? Well, he has placed QR Codes throughout so folks can scan them with a smart phone or tablet to quickly access the films and recordings.

Retrospect/ed is an examination of memory from two age perspectives. Accented by Brian Venable’s sliding guitar riffs and Rick Steff’s soulful organ play, “Gasoline Fumes” is Fasano’s account of traveling and learning about life as a kid from the window of his family’s van. “Teddy’s Bowling Alley” brings out Lucero’s upbeat Memphis sound and is told from the perspective of an old legend conjuring stories about his favorite bowling alley moments before its demolition.

This project is a reunion between the members of Lucero and Charly “the city mouse” Fasano. In 2006 they recorded a spoken word EP in Memphis during an ice storm at 1372 Overton Park and Yella Brick Studios in Memphis and released it as a limited 7 inch pressing. Denver artist Vincent Cheap Fasano has also returned to craft the cover art.

Retrospect/ed will be released as an illustrated book with a hand-numbered 7 inch record (500 pressed), a hand-pulled block print, and an mp3 download code with bonus tracks of Lucero and Fasano’s first EP. It will also be released as a pocket edition book that includes a mp3 download code (no 7 inch).

Charly Fasano is a multimedia artist and poet from Denver, Colorado. He combines poetry, block printing, spoken word and film to present a rich storytelling experience. His poetry and block prints have appeared in Suspect Press Magazine, Birdy Magazine, Kilgore Quarterly, 3 Kings Tavern Comp,  and This Ain’t No Cowtown Compilation #1. His work has been published by Sunnyoutside Press (Buffalo, NY), Spartan Press (KC, MO) and his book press/label, Fast Geek Press.


Retrospect/ed will be available on September 29, 2014 at:




Here is a link to the short film for Retrospect/ed Side B called “Teddy’s Bowling Alley.” Fasano animated it with drawings and block prints that appear in the book.



Here are links to trailers for Retrospected.





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