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Lucero Update

Hope ya’ll are doing well out there.  It’s been a good week for us Lucero folks.  We have to thank all the kids that came out to Luke’s benefit show at the Rev Room in Little Rock.  It went great.  Thanks for helping us pull that off.  The two days before that show we were in the studio at Young Ave Sound working on more demos for the upcoming Lucero album.  It’s been a while since we released Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, but the demos are coming along real well and hopefully it’ll all be worth the wait in the end.  In the meantime there is always The Last Pale Light in the West to tide you over.  Speaking of which, Rick Steff and I actually went in and did an interview for the NPR show “Day to Day” and played some songs from that album live.  The show aired on Friday January 16th but if you missed it you can go to the NPR website and listen to it.  Another thing that is pretty cool is the trailer for $5 Cover that is up and running at  We were real lucky to be a part of that project.  Hopefully we can see more of it soon.  I guess that covers it for now.  Thanks as always for checking in.  I know Roy’s got some stuff up his sleeve he’s working on so check back soon, maybe we’ll have some more news for ya.