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Lucero looking for videographers!

Lucero is really pleased to announce that the new album is finished. Details to come very soon.
In the meantime, we’re making plans to do one video for each song on the album and we’re interested in hearing from you if you’ve got the skills and interest to make one.

Here’s the deal:

1. Low budgets- most likely a couple hundred dollars- will be supplied by us. Assume you won’t be able to have the band in it, unless you can come to Memphis and even so, we’ll stay out of most of them.
We want cool ideas- anything goes.
2. Tell us about what your credits are and what your ideas are. We’ll help you match up with one of the new songs and get you the audio.
3. We need videos delivered by August 1st.
4. You’ll be fully credited. Your video will mostly live online- we’ll be creating a Video player for our website and will feature them across a ton of online sites and outlets.

Our record label will be able to use all of them for promotional purposes. In short, you’ll get a lot of press and credit for them, but just a little bit of money. Hey, that seems to be the way of the record business these days.

We also plan to make all the videos available as a downloadable video file to come free with the new album. But plans aren’t final by any stretch.

5. Please contact and Thaddeus from the management office and Brian from the band will check out your ideas and coordinate all the details.