Free Levitt Shell show in Memphis | Lucero

Free Levitt Shell show in Memphis

hey guys brian here…
sorry we haven’t updated in awhile, we’ve been jetsettin’ all over the country playing shows and trying to get ready for the fall tour!
in case you haven’t heard we’re going out with a full horn section which we’ve never done before…
it’s pretty exciting but we sure as hell need to get to practicing.

what i’m really looking foward to is the kick off show at the levitt shell in overton park…
it’s thurs. oct.8 and it’s FREE!!!
everyone has played the shell at some point, people like johnny cash, elvis presley… hell my mom was pregnant with me when her and my dad saw johnny winter there and supposedly some hippie mystic man rubbed her belly and blessed me, damn hippies!

so this is gonna one huge event for sure
on top of one huge record for us!

this should be one hell of a year and we hope that ya’ll will join us!
thanks again,