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Australia! Soundwave Festival… It’s ON!

Hello Australian friends (mates!) we are coming for YOU! We will be at the Soundwave Festival, a huge touring festival, check out this crazy line-up:
Sat-Feb-23 – Brisbane, Australia -Soundwave Festival
Sun-Feb-24- Sydney, Australia – Soundwave Festival
Fri-Mar-01 – Melbourne, Australia – Soundwave Festival
Sat-Mar-02 – Adelaide, Australia – Soundwave Festival
Mon-Mar-04 -Perth, Australia – Soundwave Festival

2 thoughts on “Australia! Soundwave Festival… It’s ON!

  1. Blink 182 huh…. and Lucero barely makes the small print, shameful. Have a good time boys, see you next time in San Francisco. Cheers.

  2. Guys are you playing what this festival call a “Side wave”?

    Caught you last time you were in town with the Dropkick Murphy’s and would love to see you play again.
    Your songs have become fast favourites.

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