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Announcing “Should’ve Learned By Now”

Should’ve Learned by Now was written in bits and pieces over the last few years. It’s a collection of (mostly) upbeat rock and roll songs that didn’t fit the thematically darker two previous albums, Among the Ghosts (2018) and When You Found Me (2021). On those records there was no room for anything that wasn’t super serious. If it wasn’t intense and brooding it had to be set aside…

But finally, all that fun stuff has a home! It’s time to get these songs out into the world! That’s how we got to the appropriately-for-us-titled album Should’ve Learned by Now. The album is basically about how we know we are fuckups and I guess we are ok with that.

Hope you enjoy it!

Pre-order the album HEREListen to the first single “One Last F.U.” HERE