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A few words on the Lucero Social Club

Hey everyone,

This is Thaddeus, Lucero’s manager. I was reading some of the comments on the Message Board.

First, the Social Club is 100% created and run by Lucero and me. No label involvement. It’s an attempt to have a place where we can have our fans and friends do some spreading of the word and have some prizes, contests and such. But participation is totally voluntary- if you can help, great. If not, maybe later on or in some other way.

We’ll have music and tickets to give away from time to time.

If you’re not into Facebook, you’ll still be in the Social Club by signing up on the website- you’ll get emails from us from time to time and can write us back directly.

We’re using the new, private Facebook page because it lets everyone know a bit more about each other, inluding us and the band members. And, it means we don’t have to spend tons of money hiring a web designer to build a system for this sort of communication.

That doesn’t mean the Message Board isn’t useful- it is, and it will remain. But we hope you’ll join the Social Club also. Just go to the Luceromusic.com landing page and enter your email and info, and you’ll get the link to the Facebook page and a couple welcome emails from us.