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This is pretty fucking awesome:

Track by track intros by Ben.

rock bus:
Hi all
Know i'm a bit behind the game here but took bit longer for the album to get to me here in the uk and wanted to give it  a few listens before posting.

Firstly, its probably important i "admit" i only discovered Lucero with 1372 (which i loved enough to buy the entire back catalogue !) but unlikely many here i am probably a bigger fan of later stuff to the early stuff and love the horns. I therefore approached the album with a different view to some of you who have followed them from the start.

Anyhow, in case anyone could care ;)my thoughts are:
Way down town & women and work - two good simple rock n roll songs which probably set up the general tone I imagine the band wanted to set.
Its maybe too late - Really good bluesy song, love the horns and marks a good change in pace and tone to the first 2 tracks
Juniper - one of few songs I'm not feeling yet - just a bit too bar room song for me
Who you waiting on - absolutely LOVE this song and my favourite on the album -really soulful song (and to make it even more perfect the girl in the photo on lyric booklet is very cute!)
Cant stand to leave you - this to me is perhaps bit more of a 'traditional' Lucero sounding song
When I was young - another song full of soul - makes you just want to grab your girl and give her a hug (damn must be good if making me soppy  ;) )
Sometimes - must admit when i first heard this as stand alone track before the album I wasnt 100% convinced but in the context of the album i think its great - in many ways covers the whole spectrum of the album -heartfelt, soulful with good and more subtle horns and organ
Like Lightning - It is kinda "throw away" BUT hell its fun sober let alone after a few beers :)
GO Easy - Great  finale - its lights up in the bar and time to go home time, really love the gospel sound.

My overall impression is that many Lucero songs/albums to me are ones for dark nights, alone with whisky (or Sailor Jerry rum in my case as not manly enough for whisky!) but this one is daytime, summer, beers and being played loud amongst a group of friends - and thats my idea of a real good time  :)

still be around:
Somebody needs to say something, dammit!!

Just saying......

4 days and I'll be hearing the new ones for the first time live. For 3 days in a row. Lookout Madison, Milwaukee, and Chi-town, me and Lucero are coming!


--- Quote from: stucky on March 23, 2012, 03:12:06 PM ---This is pretty fucking awesome:

Track by track intros by Ben.

--- End quote ---

I love that "Women and Work" was written in 20 minutes.


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