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So after finally having a while to listen to the whole CD through a few times I figured I would jump into this discussion even though I'm pretty sure everybody else has moved on by now.  First and foremost, holy shit I think it's phenomenal!  I know I would make for one awful ass music critic because after I was done listening to it on a drive last weekend my only real comment was "Dammit, that was fun!"  Not exactly eloquent but that was the only thing I was thinking, that and I wanted to listen to it again.

--- Quote from: connis1234 on March 14, 2012, 05:23:45 PM ---I don't think I will bother with any song off women and work, except maybe "I can't stand to leave you".

--- End quote ---

As for the debate about about changing/evolving/maturing, whatever you want to call it, as someone whose favorite record is still the Attic Tapes, I can understand why somebody would think/feel that way but when something is that damn good of a time to listen to then I just don't see why it matters. 

And (why I picked out the sentence above) am I the only one who thinks that, even though it's a good song, "I can't stand to leave you" feels out of place on this album?  It just left me feeling a little disjointed from what led into and came after that song, didn't seem to fit.

i feel like the band has matured in their thoughts/relationships as well as musically. i can identify with that after listening for so many years. a song like "i can't stand to leave you" will still be my favorite type on their new albums because i always identify with the broken heart. but, as i am growing and maturing i really appreciate songs like "juniper" and "go easy". yet, because of how i began listening to lucero in 03, those sad songs always catch me. ben just has a way of drawing you in. so with that said, i can understand why someone who relies on those broken hearted songs to get them through the next record and years of their lives, may feel betrayed on a more upbeat and changing album. fortunately for me, i am at a point of upward growth instead of introspective sulk (believe me i've been there and still visit the place).
with all of that noted, i was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to the new album. there are always a few words that are a bit difficult to make out and i ordered from itunes so i don't know if any lyrics are posted in the cd book. happy listening and go easy friends...

The lyrics are in the CD booklet. Expect them to hit the lyrics sites soon enough.

Speaking of lyrics - I had to look up "forlornly" because that looked so wrong when written down... but  sure enough, it's a real word. ;D


--- Quote from: ih8music on March 23, 2012, 07:22:48 AM ---Speaking of lyrics - I had to look up "forlornly" because that looked so wrong when written down... but  sure enough, it's a real word. ;D

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that one had me stumped for quite a while.  Who the fuck uses the word forlornly in a song???  That's just crazy....


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