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Bengali Menace:
Can we make membership to the board invite only or have a quiz or something?  This new spammer is a cockass.  Question 1: How do you feel about lettuce on burritos?

If you put lettuce on burritos, we can't be friends.

Yeah, whoever's running this board needs to make account creation a moderated action.  Let's face it, Lucero isn't a big enough band that there's really going to be dozens of people signing up here every day.  No need to make it so easy for the spammers to get accounts here.

Bengali Menace:
I don't put lettuce in shit.  Fuck vegetables.  Question 2: Ferret or Marmot?

No leetuce on burritos...what are you, nuts??

Marmot.  I don't like ferrets.

Drew has been working behind the scenes so that I can ban people, and yesterday I tested it from my cell phone, so that should help.  Before, he had to be here to do it...

I'm not sure how much work it takes to set up a moderator approved thing for, Brian forgets his password so often that I don't want to block his ability to post whenever he wants - even if he has to make a new screen name to do it!!  :D

Let's see how it goes, and if Drew and I can't keep the spam out we can look at other options! 

Thanks for sticking with us through the occasional spam battles!

Rock on!!!


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