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General Discussion / Re: My Dad died today
« on: October 19, 2011, 10:15:38 PM »
Man I'm sorry for your loss. I'm new to the forum but not lucero. My son actually introduced me to them a couple years ago. Your story touched me, I logged on to the forum feeling down and sorry for myself and your story lived me up. See I was coming back to Arkansas a couple weeks bCk. A buddy and I had went down to Dallas to watch the hogs kick a&m's butt and stayed over the next day to watch the cowboys choke to the lions then left back for little rock. Before even making it out of Dallas I received a text from my wife of 25 years to give her a call when I got a chance. So I just dialed her number, she answered and I said what's up? She said well I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn't be there when you got home. I replied ok well where ya gonna be? She said well it's sort of ironic, you're leaving Dallas and I'm headed to Dallas to live with Kevin. Kevein just happens to be one of the best friends I ever had so needless to say it felt like I was thrown into the twilight zone!!! For about the whole week!!! We have a 22 year old daughter that gave us a 3 year old grandson plus we have a 19 year old son in his second year of college at asu in Jonesboro. And see I know the bond a father and a son has because of the bond I have with my dad but also the bond I have with my son. He found out about his mom leaving about the same way I did. She called him as she was leaving town to tell him. When she called he was at his job at tsc. The only thing I could think of was how fast I could get back to Arkansas get in my truck and head to Jonesboro to be with my son. My heart had never been broken so bad in all my life and my awesome 19 year old son who had introduced me to lucero was also the voice of reason that taught me to forgive. I loved Lesley and Kevin both dearly before this and I couldn't go threw life hating in my heart. I know things will never be the sane but I have truly forgiven them both. Before all of this happened I have every lucerovsong on a playlist that I listened to all the time but after this I listen to them more and more and love them more! I still have never seen them live and they was touring Arkansas and had planed to go before all of this took place. Since I'm single and free now lol I'm thinking of seeing if my son would like to road trip to tally to see them. A father and sons love is special and I could tell by the way you wrote about your dad that you know how that feels. Thanks for letting me participate. And wish the best to you all. Roger

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