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Hey folks! We just got back to Memphis after nine straight weeks of tour. I gotta tell ya it feels great to be home, but we wanted to let everybody know how much f’n fun we had on this last run. We did about a week of our own dates on our way out to meet up with Social D in Salt Lake City and then did about six weeks with them, ending that portion of the tour in Tempe just before Thanksgiving. EVERYBODY on the Social D crew and EVERYBODY in the band were super nice to us. It was definitely one of the funnest tours Lucero has ever done. So to Mike, Johnny, Brent, Dave, Danny, Donny, Matt, Mike, FOH Dave, Craig, and everybody else on the crew THANK YOU. We’re looking forward to doing some more shows with ya’ll in January and February. Until then, take care and hell yeah. And while we’re at it, thanks to everybody that came out to all the shows. After Social D we did two weeks of headlining shows out west and most of ’em sold out! We really appreciate everybody’s support. Got to hang out with our buddies Drag The River and a ton of other cool folks. Like I said… funnest tour ever. -BEN